Once you become one of our valued clients, please provide us with a testimonial of your experiences. We will post selected testimonials along with a picture of your dog below. There are additional testimonials posted on line directly from our clients on Angie's List as well as the "Dogs In My Home" facebook page. To submit your testimonial for inclusion on this website you can email it to laura@dogsinmyhome.com or you can call to provide a verbal one at 636-321-8212.

  • Liz and Alan Trodus
    Our dog, Abby, stayed with Laura and Jeff for a week in September. This was the first time we have left her with anyone other than family for a week. I had heard wonderful things about Dogs in My Home and I felt that Abby would feel right at home there. I knew they would treat Abby like she was part of the family. I love knowing that she gets to live in the house and carry on with her normal daily routine (eating, sleeping, chasing squirrels in the backyard, etc). Laura sent me pictures during her stay and was very easy to keep in contact with via email while we were gone. When we got home, we received a stack of pictures of Abby that documented her stay. We were very happy with the service we received and we will definitely be using Dogs in My Home from now on. Thank you so much for your hospitality and treating our family pet like your own!
  • Scott Nelson
    Our dogs are family. We would never leave them with anyone that we didn't completely trust. She welcomes into her home and treats them with the same love, care, and attention as we do. Truely a home away from home. What piece of mind. I could not give Laura higher marks.
  • Bruce and Toni
    Today, as I brought the suitcases up from the basement for yet another out of town trip, our dog, Semo, had a gleam in his eye. Semo has learned that when we pack our suitcases, we also pack his dog food cooler for his visit to Laura and Jeff”s Dogs in My Home. For Semo, it’s like his own little mini vacation to visit with Chad and Destiny and whatever other dogs happen to be vacationing with him. For us, it’s peace of mind knowing that, while we are away, we have no worries about Semo. In fact, we are sure that Semo runs and plays and probably gets more attention with Laura and Jeff than he does at home. The love and attention that Laura and Jeff give to all of their “guests” is amazing, not to mention the emails, pictures and updates that they offer to keep us aware of Semo’s activities while he is visiting with them. Although we live just down the street, we would drive across the county just to leave Semo with Laura and Jeff. Dogs in My Home is second to none for the dog sitting service that they provide. Thanks Laura and Jeff for the wonderful job that you do!!
  • Teena Rull
    We left our 4-legged child, Draco the German Shepherd, with Laura while taking a 5 day vacation. Since we recently rescued Draco and this was his first time away from home, we were very particular in choosing his doggie care given he’s still adjusting to new sounds and experiences. We couldn’t have chosen a more caring, dependable, and knowledgeable expert than Laura! Her home environment is safe, inviting, and loving. We didn’t have to worry if Draco would get outside enough, or fed on his regular schedule, or receive the same level of care that he would at home. Not only did Draco have fun during his stay, but we also enjoyed our vacation that much more knowing he was in good hands. I highly recommend Dogs In My Home!
  • Jill Kleinhans
    I wholeheartedly endorse the loving care that four-legged visitors receive while staying in Laura’s home. She took excellent care of Hershey while I was out of town. I really appreciated her letting me know he was doing ok because she knew I was worried about him. He’s not very big and kinda of old but I really believe he felt right at home with her big boys. When ever I go out of town from now on and Hershey can’t go with me I plan on him going to stay with them.
  • Sally and Tom Anderson
    We left our dog “Bailey” for 8 days when we took our vacation. Prior to choosing Dogs In My Home, because we wanted Bailey to be in a “home away from home” environment we researched numerous facilities. We thought Dogs In My Home seemed to be a better fit for our dog – and we were right.

    Bailey was treated like a member of Laura’s family. She went on her daily walks and had lots of playtime with the other dogs. She was not disappointed at bedtime either – she slept with her adopted parents “Laura & Jeff”. We loved seeing the web pictures of Bailey’s vacation also.

    After Bailey came home from her adventure – she was exhausted but happy – what a relief knowing your pet is well taken care of.

    We would highly recommend Dogs In My Home services!!
  • Steve and Carol Walker
    We’ve used in-home dog sitters in the past with previous dogs, but have never felt more at ease than when we left Maya with Jeff and Laura of Dogs In My Home. More than once we have witnessed Laura’s ability to introduce all kinds of dogs with various levels of energy and anxiety and achieve harmony amongst the group of dogs fairly quickly. She definitely understands dog behavior and is no doubt a dog lover. We trust Laura and Jeff completely, and so does our sheltie, Maya. Maya runs to Laura for hugs, kisses and the occasional reassurance in a crowd of dogs. Laura is Maya’s mom away from mom, and it’s very satisfying knowing that Maya is safe and having as much fun as we are while we’re out of town.
  • Tim Wieble
    Our 13 year old Golden Retriever, Buddy, has stayed with Laura and Jeff too many times over the last few years to recall the exact number. Leaving an elderly dog has its own set of challenges, and Laura and Jeff do an excellent job of dealing with those with the patience of saints. Between his storm psychosis, a variety of medicines, and his inability to get around like the younger dogs, they treat him with the same love and compassion as if he were their own. As a matter of fact we left him there for nearly 3 weeks while we were in Peru. Knowing he was in excellent care with Laura and Jeff made our trip so much more enjoyable and gave us the peace of mind we needed to take an extended trip. We will be leaving the country again this summer and Buddy will be lucky enough to spend his 14th birthday with his surrogate family. Thanks Laura and Jeff.
  • Tim Klages
    Took my dog to Laura for the first time for a full week. Great experience for us and my pet. Nellie had a good time, was well cared for and we were able to relax and enjoy our vacation knowing that Nellie was in good hands.

    It was also cool getting picture updates of how she was doing while we were gone.

    The recommendation we received about the care was accurate and we definitely would take Nellie back to Laura.
  • David Feldker
    We have used Laura for our dog several times and the attention they get is fantastic. Very clean, very friendly, and very reasonable. Your dog will have a blast and you will be able to relax knowing they are in such great hands.
  • Howard and Corrine Smith
    We heard about Laura at the dog park and thought it sounded too good to be true. We took Lupe there the first time and she had so much fun we felt guilty bringing her home. She has been back since then and gets very excited when we pull in the drive way.
  • Mary Jane Kernan
    The first time I left Biscuit with Laura when he was only 3 months old. His first stay was for almost two weeks. When he came home, he could sit and down on command and he was completely potty trained. I call her a Zen Master. Biscuit has been back a couple more times and he loves it out there with Chad and Bentley, the first two friends he made in his life. I have recommended Laura to a lot of people and everyone that has used her has been thrilled.
  • David and Diana Barman
    Radar has stayed with Laura several times and he absolutely adores her. We call her Aunt Laura – because it really is like leaving him with family. We wouldn’t leave him anywhere else, he loves to go there.
  • Judy Griffin
    Laura, Dan and I can’t express how appreciative we are of the most wonderful care McGwire received. Our reunion last night went well; he didn’t even admonish us for leaving & he continues to sleep through the night (well done) We absolutely loved the pics; your “photo skills” are almost as good as your “dog skills”. I had a little trouble accessing the pics from the D.R. but enjoyed the treat last night. Thanks again for the loving care you gave McGwire.
  • Jeff and Kelly Rowold
    We live next door to Laura and our Mia has stayed with Laura several times. She loves it so much that if she gets away from us, she heads straight over to her door to try to get in. They are like her second family over there. She grew up with Chad and Bentley and we call them her boyfriends. If we say “want to go see your boyfriends?”, she gets so excited and runs to the door. We don’t need to put her on a leash, just open the door and she runs all the way to their door.
  • Donna Wagstaff
    Laura, I wanted to thank you for taking care of Harley this past week! I can tell he has been well taken care of and loved while staying at your home. He has always loved to have his belly rubbed even when he was just a little puppy! I am so amazed you got such good pictures of him—we always have a hard time getting him to pose for us in our pics! We will defintly keep you in mind when we travel in the future and I will spread the word if anyone is looking for someone to take care of their dog! Wish us luck with our new addition, Sophie the goldendoodle!
  • Jamie Evans
    Laura, Jerome and I wanted to thank you for watching our babies (Maddie and Reeses. Gosh, they are so pooped! They must have had quite a weekend because they came home and fell asleep about four hours ago. All the fun they had at your house must have tuckered them out. Well, we really appreciate you being there when we need you. We will keep in touch and I am sure we will see you again soon. Thanks again!
  • Rose and Allen Hogg
    Laura, Thank you for all the updates & pictures! It sure makes us feel better knowing he is in great care and enjoying himself! Having a “twin” there to play with is too funny! Thanks again!
  • Lori Colbert
    Our eccentric Golden Retriever Annie spent 6 full days at Dogs In My Home. She felt like she was at home. She climbed on the couch, played with other dogs and demanded love from any human in the home. I knew she was well cared for while I was gone because I recieved pictures showing a calm, relaxed dog. Annie usally has to medicated when Mom and Dad are gone for more than a day. Not any more. I recommend Dogs In My Home to everyone that I know who has a dog.
  • Judy Vogt
    Laura, as you know I was very nervous about leaving Maggie and CoCo but after coming home and then getting to see your emails I am thrilled to have you and your dog boarding service close by!! My daughter in WA is so jealous they don’t have anything like what you provide. I feel for her as my choices before finding you were horrible. I love the pictures you took, they really describe what was a wonderful vacation for my dogs, you did such a good job. Thank you so much! I love the pictures, I show them to everyone.

    PS: have you considered a ‘day care’ for dogs? I know that CoCo and Maggie would love to visit for a few hours a couple of times a week especially during these times when I cannot walk them. Let me know what you think. Again, you made me feel so secure in leaving my “babies”.
  • Liz Phelps
    Laura, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and your husband caring for our dogs. It is such a load off our minds to know that we can bring them to you. It is a home away from home for them! I took the pictures to my son’s hockey practice last night, and the parents just loved them!! Thanks so much!!!!! I know if my dogs could talk they would “Thank You” too.
  • Amanda Peterman
    We were more than pleased with your service. Stella was such a good girl on the ride home and settled back in quite easily. It was so refreshing that we didn’t come home to any behavior issues or have to go through re-training. We really are thrilled to know we have a safe and happy place to take her when we have to travel.
  • Rhonda Wheeler
    Laura, I just wanted to thank you again for taking care of Spike while we went to San Francisco. Looks like he had a great time by the pictures you gave me. I enjoyed my vacation without having to worry about him and if he was being taken care of. I would recommend your services (hospitality) to anyone. I also appreciate the way you got him introduced to my daughters dog, Lola. Maybe they can both be at family events now. Again, thank you and look forward to seeing you again in December.
  • Russell and Diane Gregson
    The best thing we could say about your service is that it is exactly what your name says “dogs in my home” Leaving Cinnamon with you is no different than leaving a child with a family member! Not only does Cinnamon get along with Destiny and Chad but Laura makes sure that all the dogs she lets in her home “play well with others”. Another great perk is the email updates and photo packet we receive showing Cinnamon’s adventures awhile she is with Laura and Jeff. That is why we always recommend Dogs In My Home to all of Cinnamon’s furry friends.
  • Trish Edelen
    Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much we apperciate your services that you gave our sweet lil doggie. I appreciate all the photos that I recieved from you and knowing how much she was loved and cared for. The photos gave me even more of a good feeling that she had a good time while visiting you. I cant tell you enough how pleased and happy we are with your services….I will defintely be using you again. Trish, Brett, and of course the important one in this family my lil doggie SOPHIE!!! Thanks again guys!!!
  • Patricia Andres
    Laura, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for Pepper. I can’t believe he eats out of a bowl now. It may take some coaxing but he does it. I haven’t cleaned up a dog food mess off the kitchen floor since you have been watching him. I don’t know what you did but thank you. It’s also great how you let him sleep with you. Thats going above and beyond. I can tell you from all the pictures you’ve emailed me that he’s a much more relaxed dog. He’s even better around all of my kids dogs. I can sure tell you that you have a great love for all pets. I never though I could have left Pepper with someone else and really not worry thet he’s being treated the same way I would treat him. I may miss him alot, but I dont worry about him at all, especially since you email me pictures of him while I’m on vaction. Thanks for everything!
  • Susan Unterseh
    Thanks for the update. I really think she knew when we got our suitcases out that we were going to your house as usally she looks really sad when we get them out because she has to go to the kennel and be “cooped” up but this time she got really excited.